2002 - 2003 Highlights Video

Now Available on DVD & VHS!

TRT: ~110 minutes

Cost: $20 for either format (includes shipping)

Contact Dave Lewison at dave@facethewind.com if you're interested!

The DVD Version includes many special features, including menus for scene selection, detailed maps, a photo slideshow, and a compilation of funny chase moments!

May 23, 2002: Supercells in Lipscomb and Pampa TX
May 26, 2002: Gustnado-fest in the OK Panhandle
June 16, 2002: Hailstorm in the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY
May 4, 2003: Violent Tornado Near Girard KS
May 8, 2003: Strong Tornado Near Yates Center KS
May 7 & 9, 2003: Girard KS damage survey and storms N. of OKC/Supercell SW of OKC

May 10, 2003: Dying storms & OKC damage survey

May 15, 2003: 5 Tornadoes in N. TX Panhandle


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