May 9: Storms N. of OKC & Big Supercell SW of OKC

Chasers: Dave Lewison & Cloud 9 Tours


Started in Wichita KS after the previous day's action. Went south on I35 to Blackwell where we stopped for data. The front was beginning to light off just south of us, so we continued to near Guthrie and then took an eastward jog to catch the target storm.

This storm tried real hard, but it was being blown over the surface boundary instead of along it. It would pulse up and then get soft again.

Looking west, a second storm went up pretty much where the first one had. It too, began to soften.

The KWTV9 chopper was also out observing this storm.

Jim & Charles watching live TV coverage of these storms from the chopper overhead. Kind of neat to get an instant view from above!

I was pulling up data constantly, trying to figure out if these storms were worth sticking around for. But, the storm to the far SW of OKC was just too tempting to ignore.

The rest of the group watching and waiting.

Oliver "Klipsi" in his typical chase apparel. Looks like the "Croc Hunter"! :)

At this point, we were SW of OKC and S of El Reno.The storms to our north were turning into garbage...but that cell to the W still was looking good!

We blasted west on I40 and then south to near Binger. Got into some heavy rain & lightning. And unfortunately, this is where some water got into my GPS receiver on the roof and shorted it out.

We got on the storm around 9pm CDT west of Binger and saw a mean-looking base. We passed the DOW's and several other chasers. None of my video came out too well though...very dark.

As we followed it east through Caddo County, we kept trying to see if anything was under the base, but we couldn't make anything out, despite the continuous reports of a tornado over the radio.



South of Union City, we broke off the storm, deciding it was too dangerous to chase a tornado at night through a major metro area such as OKC.

We went south to Chickasha where we ate dinner at Denny's with our portable TV's showing continuous broadcast storm coverage. That thing had a meaty hook on it all the way up I44 to Tulsa!

Spent the night in Ardmore.

The OKC storm at about the time we decided to break off the chase. We were about 5 miles south of the hook here.

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