Saturday, May 10: Dying storms & OKC damage survey

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Today was an SPC High Risk day, but being in Ardmore made it impossible to reach the "prime" area of northeast MO, especially since we had to do a tour dropoff/pickup cycle in Norman. We opted instead for the tail end of the MDT Risk in eastern OK. Storms fired and became discrete, but then one by one, they began shriveling up. They apparently moved into worked-over air from earlier convection, which caused their demise. We backtracked to Norman. Along the way, we took a look at some of the damage from Thursday's (May 8) tornado just north of I-240 on the east side of OKC.


Damage to Southside Electric, on the NE side of OKC along I-240

Same building.

Trailer park on NE side of OKC.

Flying "missile" damage to trailer park.

RV's tossed around.

Not sure how this happened.

The rear end of the Southside Electric building as seen from the trailer park..


A severely damaged Days Inn on the west side of I-35 in Moore, OK.

This is why vehicles are not safe places to hide during a tornado. Damage near Franklin KS from May 4th.

Another vehicle flipped out in a field from May 4th near Franklin.

A destroyed AT&T cellular tower near Girard KS. Damage from the May 4th tornado.

Damage near Franklin KS from May 4th.

The same area a few hundred feet down the road.

More damage near Franklin KS.


A snapped phone pole near I-240 in OKC.


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