May 26: Gustnado-fest in the OK Panhandle

Chasers: Dave Lewison, Chris Kridler & Bill Hark

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We began the day in Amarillo and
decided to play the somewhat
marginal chances in SW KS.
We caught up to this storm
near Keyes in the far western
OK panhandle.
It was clearly outflow-dominant
but we weren't expecting much
today anyway. The gust front
kicked up massive clouds of dirt.
The SW winds sliding along the
NE/SW oriented gust front
generated many gustnadoes.
This one crossed right in
front of us.
Another gustnado.
This gustnado was spinning pretty
intensely. Looks almost like the
outer edge of a tornado!
The 50mph NW winds picked
up everything in their path and
blew it across the road.
Then this massive gustnado formed.
I've never seen one so violently
spinning! Looks like a wedge! :)
This was reported as a tornado
by some folks...from our vantage,
it was right along the gust front
with no apparent connection to
a meso (I don't think there WAS
a meso).
Later on in Beaver County, the
southern storm on the line
developed what looked like a
meso structure...but it
gusted out hard as well.


The storm offered up some nice
sunset pictures though!

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