May 23: Supercells in Lipscomb and Pampa TX

Chasers: Dave Lewison, Chris Kridler & Bill Hark

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Started the day in Hays KS.
Headed south towards
Woodward OK. Along the way,
we stopped in Greensburg KS
to visit the
World's Largest Hand Dug Well!
There was a lot of crap overcast
near Woodward, but skies
brightened to the west.
We stopped at Shattuck OK
briefly to see the windmill park.
Now in the far NE TX panhandle,
we waited for initiation.
You gotta love Chris' safari hat!
A good Cb finally went up near
Lipscomb and we moved to intercept.
At a dirt pull-off, we were joined
Explosive convection was
noted directly overhead.
About this time, the first tornadic
dirt swirl formed near an RFD jet.
Further north near Follet, the
storm put down another
tornadic spin-up.
...and another.
The end of the above spin-up.
A wall cloud & funnel are visible
overhead and to the left.
A bit further east, this wall cloud
developed with intense rotation.
This wall cloud was sucking
scud right off the ground!
But the meso got undercut by outflow
and the storm died shortly afterwards.
Nowcaster Jason Politte steered us
further SW towards Pampa. We noted
another storm just north of the
281/70 intersection.
This storm exhibited a nice
base with good inflow.
Nice inflow bands from the north.
As we watched it, a blocky
wall cloud formed under the base.
A clear slot became visible.
A large bowl-shaped lowering
formed with what looked like a
multi-vortex tornado under it.
Chaser Scott Blair was a bit further
north and confirmed a tornado
with this cell.
But now onto the big show!
Further south near Pampa, we came
into view of a beautifully sculpted
updraft with striations.
We sat on 70, photographing
lightning behind the updraft,
while being blasted with 30mph
SE inflow winds.
Lightning kept shooting out under
the updraft vault.
Nice crown!
What a great storm!

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