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May 27, 2000: Tornado near Archer City, TX

Tornadic Chase Through north-central TX (Dave Lewison on Cloud 9 Tours)

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may27playRJsm.JPG (16049 bytes) may27funnel1sm.JPG (5451 bytes) Started off the day in Lawton, OK after staying the night from the previous day's chase. Things were not looking particularly good as the convection from the day before had scoured out a lot of the good moisture.

Here's Campbell and RJ joking around in the hotel parking lot. Little "fight scenes" like these broke out all the time on our trip! After eating a leisurely lunch, we were at a gas station when we heard scanner reports of storms firing down to our south near Wichita Falls. Just south of Wichita Falls, we started hearing reports of a needle tornado touching ground near Archer City.

As we approached the town of Windthorst, we noticed a wall cloud feature on the back end of one of the storms. It had a definite funnel lowering.


may27funnel2sm.JPG (6967 bytes) may27funnel4sm.JPG (8528 bytes) This funnel gradually became better defined as it elongated somewhat.

It continued to extend towards the ground. View here is south on 281 at around 3 pm.

may27funnel5sm.JPG (7107 bytes) may27mammatussm.jpg (7963 bytes)35mm.jpg (3927 bytes) The funnel gradually began to rope out. We are not certain whether this funnel actually touched down, but considering how close it came, we made the assumption that it was probably a tornado.

Later on, were treated to a beautiful mammatus field on our way back to Wichita Falls.

may27toiletsm.JPG (10856 bytes) may27toilet2sm.JPG (11742 bytes) That night, the hotel was not exactly ready for our arrival. Yes, that's a TOILET in the middle of  Steve's room.

It became obvious where the toilet had been! Too bad it wasn't too useful in its new position!

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