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May 24, 2000: Right-Split Panhandle Supercell Chase

Non-Tornadic Chase Through the TX Panhandle (Dave Lewison on Cloud 9 Tours)

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may24accassm.JPG (9558 bytes) may24LPbasesm.JPG (8031 bytes) Started the day in Amarillo after a good meal at The Big Texan the night before. About midday we noticed a wide field of accas clouds just north of I-40. This was in response to an area of cold mid-level air coming in from the southwest increasing instability. We headed north into the OK panhandle to wait for a while.

We saw a beefy cell to our SW, so we headed that way. That cell then split with the left split dying rapidly. The right split developed a nice LP base. The storm was tracking SE, to the right of the mean flow.

may24inflow4sm.JPG (6633 bytes) may24rfdsm.JPG (5929 bytes) Further to the SE, we came around the southern flank of the storm. There was an amazing laminar inflow band coming in from the SE and rocketing up into the main updraft.

Shortly afterward, an RFD blast kicked up a dust plume and eroded a clear slot into the updraft. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to happen.

may24inflow1sm.JPG (6834 bytes) Here's a full panoramic shot of the inflow tail.
may24inflow5sm.JPG (8292 bytes) Later on near Shamrock, the storm formed another laminar inflow band. However, it was approaching 9 pm, and it was way too dark, so we called it a day and put up in Shamrock for the night.

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