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May 25, 2000: Spectacular Lightning

Non-Tornadic Chase Through the TX Panhandle (Dave Lewison on Cloud 9 Tours)

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may25bridgesm.JPG (10926 bytes) may25rainbridgesm.JPG (9187 bytes) Just north of Lubbock, we started hearing tornado warnings for the cell just to our south. Reports were coming in of a tornado located near New Deal. We were about 20 miles north of there and couldn't see anything due to the intense precip. We had to take shelter under an overpass to protect the vans from hail. Other people had the same idea. Unfortunately, one side of the overpass was completely blocked to traffic.

30 to 40 mph winds howled outside as we waited for the precip to pass.


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The storms quickly merged into an intense MCS blob with lots of lightning. RJ Evans was almost struck (again) by a bolt that struck the phone pole less than 30 feet from where he was standing! On the way back to Wichita Falls, we drove right through the MCS, getting the most amazing lightning show.
This bolt struck a power substation a mile or two away, lighting up with a shower of sparks. This one bolt had over 12 return strokes!
If you have RealPlayer, you can view the video of this awesome lightning strike.

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