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Various people who were on Cloud 9 Tours this year

people1sm.jpg (7758 bytes) people2sm.jpg (7781 bytes) Chris Kridler looking up at the immense anvil of the June 5th storm near Basset, NE.

RJ taking a photo as the sun sets behind a forming thunderhead.

 people3sm.jpg (7614 bytes) people7sm.jpg (11988 bytes) The group looking for signs of rotation in an updraft.

Just waitin' for storms!

people13sm.jpg (14180 bytes) people10sm.jpg (18482 bytes) Chris and Shilpa (BBC crew) chat for a while near Salina, KS.

Jim, RJ and Gene Miller talk at Palo Duro Canyon during a sunny down-day.

 people5sm.jpg (13272 bytes) people6sm.JPG (14937 bytes) The group lines up for a photo. Isn't Bob cute!

Barbara and RJ pose for a picture.

 people9sm.jpg (15485 bytes) people8sm.jpg (18864 bytes) The group waiting to head out near Abilene, TX.

Sometimes waiting can be boring!

 people4sm.jpg (14180 bytes) people12sm.jpg (12876 bytes) Bob makes a new friend while the rest of the group watches the sky.

What we do to keep busy during down time!

people11sm.jpg (12440 bytes) A night at theBig Texan. What a show!

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