May 9, 2004 Chase Summary

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Chasers: Dave Lewison, Chris Kridler, Mark Robinson, Dave Sills, Sarah Scriver

May 9, 2004 SPC OUTLOOKS: 1300Z, 1630Z, 2000Z

We started in Des Moines IA, after having met up with the Canadians Mark, Dave & Sarah the night before. Here's Mark in front of his impressive chase vehicle. THIS is where they keep the DOW trucks when not in use! Taken on I-35 north of Des Moines.

CRACKER CARNAGE! We stopped about midway to the MN border for some data. Chris did NOT do this to these poor animal crackers. They were already there.

Heading north towards Mankato MN towards a developing linear mess.

We stopped near St. Peter MN for a look see. Someone's dog obviously found us! He apparently found us very interesting to hang around with.

Here's Mark & Sarah.

Ah yes, outflow. The wind had been howling out of the S at around 20 mph, but when this arrived, they switched to the N and got VEEEERY cold!



Here's Dave Sills videoing the approaching gust front.

We're about where the cursor is. I was amazed I got a full Verizon signal here for data.

Not a great storm, but some nice views!


All Images c. 2004 Dave Lewison. No reproduction without permission.

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