May 10-11, 2004 Chase Summaries

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Chasers: Dave Lewison, Chris Kridler, Mark Robinson, Dave Sills, Sarah Scriver, Scott McPartland, Pete Ventre

May 10, 2004 SPC OUTLOOKS: 1300Z, 1630Z, 2000Z

May 11, 2004 SPC OUTLOOKS: 1300Z, 1630Z, 2000Z

May 10, 2004

MAY 10: The long drive from MN to western NE. We noticed fantastic cloud lines while driving the scenic roads in S. Dakota.

Cloud lines got a little meatier...a good sign of moisture return. We met back up with Scott McPartland and Pete Ventre here and caravaned together.

The target was Scott's Bluff NE. And here it is...Scott's Bluff. No storms though.

We drove west to the Wyoming border to try an intercept of some mushy looking storms near Cheyenne. However, these fell apart quickly.

Well, we had to say we were at least THERE!

Dave and Mark take some stills on a railroad track. That's an active rail line, but fortunately no trains around!

MAY 11, 2004

MAY 11: Ogallala NE. Mark says it's WINDY! It was...SSE winds at 20mph pulling up moisture finally!

A MDT risk went up. Here's our group gathering wifi data at the Best Western hotel in Ogallala.

This hotel was AWESOME in so many ways!

We ran into Jim Leonard & Mike Theiss with Cyclone Tours.

Here's Steve Smithson and Mike Theiss.

At a gas station in North Platte. The whole crew meets up again and chats for a while.

Jim, Steve and "Snack Steve" (eating as usual).

Uh oh...they have AMP here too!! AMP and chasing...perfect together!

And guess who I got to try it! He was a little "talkative" after this. :-)

Nothing was going up in NE. A T-Box went up for W. KS, so the whole caravan ventured down that way. Tumbleweeds everywhere!

Obviously there were tumbleweed casualties.

At a rest stop in McCook NE, Bob LeMons shows off his tornado tattoo. Nice work!!


All Images c. 2004 Dave Lewison. No reproduction without permission.

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