Storm Pictures from Cloud 9 Tours 1998

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519turk.jpg (4964 bytes) Tuesday, May 19, 1998: Northeastern Colorado. A couple of "bird fart" towers went up and got sheared apart at upper levels. Lack of low-level moisture was a big problem today.
519struc.jpg (4281 bytes) May 19: What did go up died out pretty quickly. These storms produced some nice pictures, but they were barely strong enough to produce rain.
519chase.jpg (5506 bytes) May 19: A view of the Cloud 9 chase armada looking at these storms. After these storms died out, nothing else formed that day.
520struc.jpg (4223 bytes) Wednesday, May 20: After spending the day in Holyoke, CO, we headed north into Nebraska to catch this storm near Sidney. This one had a decent meso and a semi-defined wall cloud.
520meso.jpg (4246 bytes) May 20: Another shot of the Sidney storm with the meso and wall cloud visible.
panomeso.jpg (6551 bytes) May 20: Panoramic shot of the Sidney storm with a distinct rear flank downdraft (RFD) cutting into the meso from the left and trying to cut it off. This storm had a tornado warning on it at this point, but nothing ever formed. It turned into an HP bomb later on with baseball size hail.
F3damage.jpg (9892 bytes) Sunday, May 24: These damage photos were taken from the May 24 supercell near Lamont in north central OK. The house in this photo sustained F2/F3 damage, while the trees look almost F4 as they were totally stripped of leaves and outer limbs. The house's roof has been torn completely off. Pictures are from approximately 1 mile south of Lamont.

For an official damage survey of this tornado, go HERE.

panodamg.jpg (9658 bytes) Panoramic shot of the May 24 tornado damage.
F2damage.jpg (8111 bytes) This house sustained F1/F2 damage.
sheetmtl.jpg (12020 bytes) Sheet metal embedded in the trunk of a tree. It was embedded so deep that we were not able to remove it. Evidence of what these winds can do.