September 7, 1998

Intense Squall Line Through New York City

radaranim.gif (56758 bytes)

Here's the squall line as it passed through the tri-state area. Notice the frame below...

There appears to be a hook echo in the vicinity of Lynbrook, Long Island, where there was a confirmed F1 tornado.

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The following pics are all video captures from local news programs.
I am really kicking myself for not having brought a camera that day!

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smshea.jpg (8680 bytes) Believe it or not, this was at 2:30 in the afternoon! This was taken at Shea Stadium next door to the Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, NY. The sky was absolutely black when the initial gust front hit. There was noticeable "greenage" off to the south where 3/4" hail was reported less than 5 miles away.
smtarp.jpg (9231 bytes) The grounds crew desperately trying to pull the tarp over the infield during 70 mph winds. Chatham, NJ reported a gust of over 100 mph, before the anemometer broke!
smb08012v.jpg (11429 bytes) This is where I the 1998 US Open. Before the torrential rains set in, the intense winds whipped up every bit of garbage into the air making for a kind of "garbage tornado". Notice the court here is almost underwater. The white specs are water drops on the lens.
smb08022h.jpg (13938 bytes) This was an amusing scene. After the storm passed, a small army of "little green men" crawled out of the woodwork to dry off the court before continuing the game.
smflood.jpg (13381 bytes) This is what happens when you get 1 inch of rain in less than 10 minutes!
smboat.jpg (11169 bytes) A fishing boat in the hudson was capsized by the high winds.
smblimp.jpg (10322 bytes) The Tommy Hilfiger blimp was ripped from its mooring and blown a mile away where it met its demise in a telephone pole. So much for that $8 million dollar blimp!
smwall.jpg (13125 bytes) This was some of the damage done by the F1 tornado in Lynbrook, Long Island.