Interesting People and Places on Cloud 9 Tours


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C'mon! It's not THAT boring! (Sorry, Bob. Had to do it!)

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Here's the group in front of the "Twister" mural in Wakita, OK (click for names)

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Here is one of the many ways Jim played with poor Casey's mind!

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corn1.jpg (9688 bytes) Charles demonstrates the "cornado" (really a corn Bugle).
bk.jpg (10782 bytes) Barbara coming out of her favorite place...Burger King! It was only 11 AM and yet, she got the manager to serve us lunch. Go Barbara!
bob1.jpg (11585 bytes) Bob signs the words to the "Forrest Gump" soundtrack on a bust day in eastern Kansas.
corn2.jpg (5905 bytes) More "cornadoes". Of course, this boredom eventually had to lead to creative outlets. We put them on every vehicle's antenna, including a whopping 11 of them on RJ's truck!
corn3.jpg (11205 bytes) RJ gives the National Geographic film crew much needed footage of the "cornado".
holyoke1.jpg (12906 bytes) It's the old fake arms game. "Where's the storm, Charles?"   "Over there!"

This is one of the many reasons we'll never be allowed back in Holyoke, Colorado again! :^)

rocks.jpg (11070 bytes) Yes, these guys are actually throwing ROCKS at me! More bust day boredom in eastern Kansas.
steve.jpg (9384 bytes) Steve shows off one of his many tornado tubes.


chlcasey.jpg (7922 bytes) May 19: Casey Crosbie and Charles Edwards discuss the pitiful storm situation for the day.
jimcasey.jpg (7736 bytes) May 21: Jim Leonard and Casey Crosbie with a few turkey towers going up to the south.
texaco.JPG (11542 bytes) May 20: The group gets a midnight snack at a 5 star Texaco after seeing an HP beast of a storm.
reststop.jpg (11000 bytes) May 19: A brief stop at a truck stop restaurant before heading out on the road.
undrwear.jpg (8408 bytes) Casey forgot his underwear one day. After this gift, it's guaranteed he'll never forget them again! We all signed the "mega-wear".
pochop.jpg (7385 bytes) The famous Pochop Ostrich Ranch. Strangely enough, there was another ostrich ranch just 2 miles to the east. I guess they must like ostrich in Kansas!
kenny.jpg (6287 bytes) "Oh my God! It killed Kenny! You bastard!" Day one chase boredom sets in at the "Sooner Fashion Mall" in Norman, OK.
candycam.JPG (7184 bytes) Two "Candy Cams" perched atop the silver van.