Lightning Pictures from 1998

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All lightning shots here are from video captures...that's why they are a bit grainy.
June 26, 1998
albnexrad.jpg (29331 bytes) This was the storm that produced the following 6 lightning shots. It was more of an MCS precip bomb with  very little wind or hail. Sure did light up the sky, though. Lasted about 30 minutes. I loaded up the camcorder & tripod into my car and drove to a high overlook with a parking lot.
light6.jpg (7789 bytes) I first went out after the storm, but later decided to wait for it to come to me. This is a view from my "dash cam".
light1.jpg (11016 bytes) Looking west over the city of Troy, NY. An interesting squiggly bolt strikes Route 7 about 3 miles away.
light2.jpg (6288 bytes) This one scared me! I changed my view to the SW as the storm passed over me. This bolt struck an apartment complex less than 100 feet from me! The thunder clap rattled my soda off the dashboard!
light3.jpg (9512 bytes) Same view, of another bolt about 1/2 mile away.
light4.jpg (7565 bytes) Now looking east as the storm continued on its way. The bolt struck a water tower beyond this ridge about a mile away.
light5.jpg (8687 bytes) Same view, different strike.

Lightning from Cloud 9 Tours

light7.jpg (7423 bytes) Becky and Steve brave 40 mph outflow winds and cold rain to watch the light show. I wussed out and took this shot from the van!
light8.jpg (7803 bytes) An anvil crawler spreads out above RJ's truck.
light9.jpg (7680 bytes) Part of a bolt is visible at the top of the windshield as we were retreating from the storm. Believe it or not, this was at night!
light10.jpg (3875 bytes) Another bolt strikes out in a field alongside the highway. That big thing in the foreground is Jim's head. :^)
light11.jpg (4771 bytes) Near Dalton, NE. Lightning strikes in the distance as the rain/hail core approaches from the west.
light12.jpg (5094 bytes) Same storm viewed from the south. The core of this HP cell is completely black. It contained baseball size hail.