June 18-19, 2009

June 18th - Blue Sky Bust in Iowa
Yawn! Having to wake up early after an adrenaline-filled previous day is difficult! But sooo worth it! 

The 3 of us, Mark Robinson, Scott McPartland and Dave Lewison pose for our last chase of the year together. My hair is amazing.
Great ad for AT&T...More bars in more places. 

Speaking of wind farms. Did you know that these turbines were so huge?!?
Here's Mark posing in front of the generator unit...which is the size of a small bus!
And the excitement continues. We're now in the middle of Iowa...waiting for storm initiation...and waiting... 
The parameters were certainly in place!
I call this "insane-o-CAPE". A small flatulent bird could have set off a storm in this kind of instability.
I don't ever recall seeing the Sig-Tornado parameter this high. We were sitting in the bulls-eye all afternoon...

BLUE SKY BUST! Oh well... time to head back to NY. 

June 19th - The looooong trip home
Ah the fun of road trips.....

All Images c. 2009 Dave Lewison. No reproduction without permission.

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