SEPT. 5 & 6, '04: The Aftermath & Quest for Gas!


Frances continues to weaken over FL around 2pm on Sunday, 9/5/04.
(Image from NASA MODIS Rapid Response Gallery)

After the eastern eyewall, we had a break for a while to take some damage shots. This is the motel where we sustained almost no damage.

A Shell station across the street.

The Holiday Inn across the street lost its sign.

More sign damage.

This is the same gas station we saw on unfortunately sustained heavy damage to the awning.

A satellite dish from who knows where...

Many downed trees across the street.

The Treasure Coast Inn in the background sustained some minor roof damage.

This storm seemed to destroy nothing but signs!!

Another wrecked sign from the Hampton Inn.

It's just "Donald's" now.

Damage at the Citgo truck stop behind our motel.

That rattly roof from the trailer across the street.

Oh, thank goodness the porn store was okay!!

This Motel 6 was completely de-shingled.

We left Ft. Pierce to head back around noon. On the I-95 southbound lanes, there were hundreds of utility trucks amidst the returning evacuees, but not a SINGLE GAS TRUCK....this would spell trouble...

OUT OF GAS!!! Despite having brought 2 spare containers, we coasted into Daytona Beach FL on fumes. There was no gas ANYwhere up I-95 for 200 miles!!!

And to add to the experience, we stayed in this wonderful motel, with a psychopath next door.

There was also no power. This contraption I rigged up to enable us to charge laptops & cell phones off a spare car battery Scott brought.

Monday morning, Daytona Beach FL...the last of the food. Mmmm....a single orange split 4 ways.

But wait there's more! George's truck got a flat.

What fun.

Also, George's truck had a pool in the spare tire well...the solution was to drill holes in the floor pan to let the water out.

So what can you do without power & gas? WAIT! Around 9AM, we pulled up to a Hess station that supposedly had gas, but not we sat next to a pump for 7 hours!

Other people got the same idea.

It was a neat chance to "meet the neighbors"

3pm...still no gas.

AH what a wonderful sight! Around 4pm, power was restored, so we gassed up and got the heck out of Florida!!!


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