May 29 - 30: The long trip back to Norman

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Well, since we were near the
wind ranches already, we decided
to take a detour.
Ah, the juxtaposition of
old vs. new!
Not great for chasing, but
a picturesque road anyway!
I swear, we did not do this!
In Seymour TX, it looks like some
local kids had fun with the cafe sign.
We stopped north of town for a
typical beautiful Texas sunset!


May 30, we stopped at the
Wichita Mountains in OK.
Buffalo crossing the road
in front of us!
Back at the Guest Inn at Norman.
This is what happens to your
chase vehicle when you've
known Charles Edwards and his
clown buddies for 6 years! :)
Jim Leonard, Chris Kridler,
one of the Cloud9 Tourists and I
went east of town about 20 miles
for an apparently common treat...
an Iridium flare! Very bright and
brief reflections from the Iridium
satellites in orbit. Go to:



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