May 28: Storms in far SW TX

Chasers: Dave Lewison, Chris Kridler, Jason Persoff, & Bill Hark

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Began in Abilene TX, where
we met Scott Blair, who showed
off his latest hail pummeling
from the day before.
Nice windshield Scott!
We blew south through
San Angelo and then west through
Rankin, where we met up with
this storm.
Nice mammatus field and
updraft base.
Solid rain shaft under the base.
Ah, I love wind ranches,
especially with lightning!
Interesting shapes to this updraft.
The inner and outer cloud "shells"
were both curved.
Back on I-10 near Bakersfield,
the new southern storm sported a
sleek (although anorexic) updraft
with a long inflow band to the SE.
View is to the South.
This sucker was spitting CG's!
The same storm an hour later near
FM 2400 and Rte. 285, only
50 miles from Mexico!
We stopped for lightning shots.
Wow, a bioluminescent insect
that looked like it had headlights!

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