May 24-25: Storms on the Red River & Sightseeing

Chasers: Dave Lewison, Chris Kridler & Bill Hark

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May 24 near Hollis in far SW OK.
MDT risk, but all the storms
began firing at the same time.
Further south near Benjamin TX.
Nice rain shaft, but little
rotation in the storm.
Another cell goes up to our NW.
Further east near Vera, this storm
had a nice meso and T-warning,
but it was very HP in nature and
gusted out rather quickly.
We gave up and headed back
north towards Vernon. A nice
sunset underneath the shelf cloud.
About an hour earlier, Jason Persoff
had spotted a multi-vortex tornado
from this storm west of Vernon.
The storm obviously didn't last!
May 25 was a sightseeing day
in Palo Duro Canyon TX.
Here, Bill Hark shoots
the landscape.
That's me for the 6th year in
a row visiting this same cave!
Nice flowers on the cactii.
Bill Hark almost had his cameras
run over by a wayward truck in
the parking lot.
Close call, Bill!!!
That's me atop a horse in front
of the Big Texan in Amarillo.
There was a nice looking girl giving
tours on the other horse. :-)
We met up with Scott Blair and
his crew in the Big Texan.
Photo courtesy of Bill Hark.
Scott demonstrates that the
Jalapenos aren't THAT hot.
I was dumb enough to believe him!
discussing video from
the previous day.

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