May 18 through May 22: Storms in WY and KS

Chasers: Dave Lewison, Chris Kridler & Bill Hark

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I arrived in Norman OK on
May 18 along with Chris Kridler
and Bill Hark. We caught up with
Cloud9 Tours and had dinner
at the local Outback Steakhouse.
May 19 was dull, so we met up
with George Kourounis and his
fellow Canadian chasers for
some pizza and the Simpsons!
Dueling anemometers!
On May 20, Bill, Chris and I
headed up north for the remote
possibility of storms the following
day in WY.
Scott City KS. I wish someone
would make storm machines!
May 21 in Nebraska. The surface
low had deepened a lot, and was
pulling in SE winds at 30mph.
Too bad there was no moisture
to go with it!
Giant Van Gogh painting in
Goodland KS.
The SE wind picked up to nearly
50mph on I-80 in Nebraska!
The storms that did form in WY
were moisture-starved. They
produced numerous
gustnadoes though.
Another gustnado.
One of the few lightning strikes
from these storms.
We met up with Scott Blair and
his pals in North Platte.
Photo courtesy Bill Hark.
May 22 in N. Central KS.
The best horseshoe
vortex I've ever seen!
Very well-defined vortex!
May 22. Storms begin to fire in
Smith County, KS.
Near Smith Center, the northern
storm takes on a decent meso
and wall cloud appearance.
Looking south.
Further east, an inflow notch
becomes visible. The storm was
Looking south.
The storm began gusting out,
producing a shelf-like appearance.


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