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June 3 & 5, 2001: Supercells in Southern KS

(Dave Lewison, Jim Leonard & Cloud9 Tours)

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603bandingsm.jpg (8509 bytes) These two days showed lots of promise, but ended up not producing anything too spectacular.

On June 3, all signs were pointing towards the Cherokee to Wellington area. A Tornado Watch Box indicating the possibility of 4" hail was also encouraging. However, the cap was very strong...and it didn't break until about 8:30 pm. We were able to get a few glimpses as the storm rapidly developed inflow banding and a ragged lowering. However, as it moved northeast, it crossed the warm front and subsequently died.

605meso2sm.jpg (8625 bytes) 605fun1sm.jpg (12823 bytes) Another day in southern KS. This was the view just south of Argonia. A well-defined meso with a suspicious wall cloud. Entering the town and crossing the RR tracks, it developed a pronounced funnel. We could not confirm if this touched down.
605meso1sm.jpg (9021 bytes) Further east, we got a nice view of the HP meso. Visibility was very poor near the wall cloud area, but I do not believe we saw any funnels. The storm gusted out shortly thereafter and dumped copious golfball hail near Wellington. (We stayed just ahead of it).

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