The Rag-Tag Tour1 Group

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It's BOB!

Bob doesn't like things thrown at him.

But we keep him around anyway! :)

Charles & his sweetheart, Harley

Charles being weird....again

Charles in a rare moment of thought

Decorating Mike's truck after the May 8th wedge.

Jim's van was not immune

More decorating of Mike's truck just prior to seeing the wedge on May 15. How appropriate!

Yeah....that's me...and that's MY booth.

Mike's dog Draco taking Jim for a walk

Ah yes, gas stations can be so picturesque

The group shooting lightning under a gas station awning in Springfield, MO

Horses like their picture taken too

The famous Iwo-Jima shot at the chaser picnic

Joe & the "two Brits" on a blue-sky-bust in Blackwell, OK

Draco eying John's apple

John's gotta catch them Z's when he can! Keeping up with Jim can be stressful!

Mike & his pal Draco

Mike removing one of many food "items" from his antenna

Lookin' good dude!

WHAT are these weirdos doing?

Looking for elusive "Iridium Flares" just east of OKC. Locals thought we were insane.....they're not far off.

Oliver "Klipsi" is THE astronomy guy

Lori, Leanne & WAIT! where's my Krispy Kreme?!?!?

Uh, 'Nuff said.

Charles, John, Leanne & Wendy at one of many quality rest stops!

Wendy! The LIGHT'S ON!!!

Mmmm...Krispity Kreeemy goodness

Oh yes! Definitely yes!


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